Web Designer
Ryan Siu

Ryan Siu

"Am I this vain to have a full blown cover photo of myself on the homepage?"

I love creating.

I love imagination.

I love taking in all forms of art.

Capturing the beauty of it and sharing it with the masses. Whether it be as simple as illustrations/sketches, writing code to display visual art on the web, carefully crafting edible sushi masterpieces to even expanding dance movement to inspire people - it all stems from the love of creation, blending imagination and bringing everything into reality.

In a nutshell, I'm an aspiring code monkey, heart-felt dancer, hands-on graphic designer, tech junkie, movement choreographer, negative space lover, speed ski demon, brushed-fingered pianist, big eye creative, media frenzy, sushi crafter, comic-nerd, you name it.

Interactive media is a constantly evolving medium where code changes, methods improve and new software is released. Experience at Birdview Technologies allowed me to expand my software knowledge through Joomla and php. I was able to apply my problem solving skills to further my javascript programming and in helping to create a more efficient process in completing incoming web design tasks. At Celtic Marketing, I applied my understanding of new social media to increase customer reactions and worked primarily in web design and flash art direction.


Conceptualize, vision, design. Bringing ideas into life through visual artwork and marketing pieces.


Freely moving. There are times to be sharp, instances to be fluid, and many moments to be expressive.


Bringing pieces of work into visual presence for people to live in the moment of the cinematic piece.


Capturing lasting moments in time to relive memories.