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Ryan Siu


These pieces I've shared, taught and explored. I love extending my artwork to everybody and in hope, to inspire viewers, peers and students.

A collab piece with my friend Joone Choi for Phinix weekly workshops. The teaching behind this piece was to challenge their dancers to move through the music rather than placing and hitting. Just a fun piece to keep moving around.

This piece was created for Good Knight IV 2014. To enjoy the simple things and to love where you are in time.

Piece I shared with Phinix Dance Crew at U Chicago

Often times, we're always compared to other people, which...isn't necessarily a bad thing but to some extent I feel like I always have to prove myself or make a point in raising my voice against it.

The thing that really holds this piece together for me was really coming to grips with reality that no matter what materialistic or worldly things in my life I may sometimes "center" me in life, nothing really voids that area in my life except for God's unconditional and constant presence in my life.

I usually put a lot of emotion and tie in pieces. But sometimes it's just fun to grab some friends and just dance for the heck of it!

The. Lazy. Song. Really what else could I say about it? haha it's just one of those Mondays where you wake up, and you really don't give a fly about what's going on.

I wanted to challenge myself with the first song to work on musicality, being more fluid and adding hints of subtlety. Still working on that! And then the 2nd was just to have fun haha. Enjoy!