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Ryan Siu


Currently, I'm a dancer for Boom Crack Dance Company and will be seen doing performances around Chicago usually making appearances in World of Dance, Prelude, The One. I also do some various individual projects as well. This year I will be performing for Good Knight 2014's pageant show in July.

This piece was created for Good Knight IV 2014. To enjoy the simple things and to love where you are in time.

Boom Crack Dance Company's Art vs Hype set performed at Primo's "Never Stop Dancing 2014"

Work In Progress performing at Prelude 2014 - we introduce our All Things Disney Set 2: Villains

Work In Progress full "All Things Disney"

Boom Crack Dance Company's 1st Place performance at Boys of Poison's No Hold's Barred Competition

Gigi Torres' Establish Your Empire - Revolution. Start a REVOLUTION for YOUR EVOLUTION! Only you can make your dreams and goals happen, find your fire and run with it!

Work In Progress performing at World of Dance 2013 - Rock & Roll Set

Gigi Torre's Establish Your Empire - Revolution performed at World of Dance 2013

Gigi Torre's Establish Your Empire - Glory. With hard work, dedication, perseverance, and patience, always comes success. Focus on what's important and bring it to life through your passion. Leave your Legacy through your positive actions.

Work In Progress' All Things Disney performed at the Boom Crack Dance Company 2013 Fundraiser

In the lineup we're number one, but all we care about is having fun.
We are all dancers from different crews,but our smiles and laughter we never lose.
We can't wait to perform for you and we hope you see how much we love all that is Disney!

Gigi Torres' Establish your Empire - Glory performed at Prelude 2013

Finish Line / Nike commercial for Monster Shox